Arthur Plateau

Arthur Plateau is a Visual Artist & Graphic Designer who was raised in France, and grew up surrounded by fantasy & fantastic stories, filled with mystic creatures and places, which had a heavy influence on his style.

His inexhaustible yearning to see and do more pushes him to explore the world, discovering new cultures and people. These experiences are a very big part of his inspiration, and fuel the creative approach of his work. During these adventures he absorbs and gather diverse influences together to remix them in order to broaden his own universe.

Through this eclecticism, Arthur Plateau’s work seeks to share a personal vision, combining cartoon imagery to darker themes and mixing visual codes from different cultures and movements, associated with the hijack of symbols. 

He likes to experiment across various mediums and medias, and develops his personal style in illustration, graphic design, painting, sculptures, typography, photography, installations, moving images…

  • Adresse
    Toulouse France